A celebration of gratitude in beauty

Welcome to Good Tidings, a 2019 holiday layout marathon hosted by Ainna. This is where a group of designers (mainly from the TFL community) come together to celebrate the season with original, theme-appropriate layouts for any one of their sites.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year are generally the days we take time off for ourselves to spend with friends and family, as these are the best times to disengage from the stress of the whole year, to reflect on the past twelve months, or contemplate on the coming one. However we see them, we marathon participants choose to commemorate these holidays with beautiful layouts on our personal sites.

This limited-time event runs from Nov. 1, 2019 to Jan. 15, 2020. Please take the time to read the guidelines, and when you're ready, please join us!

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  1. This marathon is mainly for the members of the TFL community, but I welcome participants outside of that group. :)
  2. Participants can enlist any kind of personal (nonprofit) site they own—a single fanlisting, a fansite, a shrine or dedication page, their collective, or their blog.
  3. Participants must design their own original layout for the site they enlisted, based on the theme discussed on the main page.

    Participants are expected to put up layouts they made themselves, not one they asked others to make for them—just as in an actual marathon, people do not sign up for the race and then ask others to run it for them. ^^;

    Ideally, "designing one's own layout" means participants must create their own graphics and code their own HTML and CSS. However, at the minimum, I will allow usage of license-free templates for as long as participants modify or augment the elements with something original (i.e., their own header graphic, site colors, and/or fonts). As much as possible, resources used must also be credited.

  4. Sign-ups begin Nov. 1, 2019, and close on Dec. 1, 2019. All layouts are due on Dec. 15, 2019. If you finish early, you may put up the layout before Dec. 15.
  5. Please make sure you let your layout stay up until Jan. 15, 2020. You may choose to let it stay up for longer than that, but you may only change layouts for the site you enlisted after this date.
  6. Don't forget to provide a prominent link back to http://holiday.northstar.nu on the index page of your site. :)
  7. All participants will get a 100x100 icon (made by Ainna, your hostess) that matches their finished layouts, as thanks for joining! Please contact me (Subject: Good Tidings Layout Finished) to inform me that you're done with your layout so I can make that icon for you. ♥

Any questions? Contact me.

Join us!

Signups close Dec. 1, 2019   ☆   Layouts are due on Dec. 15, 2019

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Link back here

Click to download the following buttons to display a prominent link back to http://holiday.northstar.nu on the index page of your site. You may also make up your own! :)

Any questions? Contact me.


Names will be added to this list until signups close on Dec. 1, 2019. You may of course start working on your layout as soon as you sign up. :)

Name Country Website
Ainna Philippines Delicately Soothing: Pastel Colours
Andrisima USA Blood Kisses
Aria USA Sweet Whispers
Em Sweden Dead Stars
Evie Germany Idiosyncratic
Holly USA Winters Eve
Julie USA Starkissed
Laurie USA Cat Kisses
Lene USA Ether
Mindy USA Crave
Patricia USA Fandom Savant Collective
Rhysand Poland Omnium Obscural
Sarina USA True Love
Stacy USA Allegory

Any concerns about your sign-up? Contact me.